Slavic Drunken Cherry Cake


Drunken Cherry Cake Recipe

This cake originated in Eastern Europe! I thought it would be fun to try, and my mom made it for me on my 19th birthday. Great excuse to eat whipped cream and consume rum:D The cherries were soaked in the rum overnight. This cake definitely tasted like the real deal. Yum!


Apple Cinnamon Yogurt Pancakes


Apple Cinnamon Yogurt Pancake Recipe

I recently turned 19 and tried these delicious pancakes for my birthday! I wanted to try something both unique and filling, so I decided to try our normal birthday pancakes with this added twist. Because of the yogurt in these pancakes, you won’t have to eat as many to get full. The combination of slightly sour yogurt and grated apple in the pancakes contrasted well with the sweet maple syrup that we put on top.

Brown Sugar Strawberry Pie


Brown Sugar Strawberry Pie

Pie, pie, pie oh my! Nothing like a fruit pie in the middle of summer. Not only do fruit pies taste delicious, but you also don’t need much brains to make one. It’s a piece of cake, as they say…or pie. Especially if you buy the crust at the store. I followed everything in this recipe except for the sugar. I added brown sugar instead of white sugar, which caused it to have more of a carmel taste to it. Very good!

Pesto Chicken Pasta




Pesto Chicken Pasta Recipe

I love pesto! I made my mom buy a jar of pesto at Costco a few weeks ago, promising her that if she did, I would make dinner. I have since gone pesto crazy, trying all sorts of recipes with pesto. This recipe has so many good ingredients. I love spinach, mushrooms, garlic, and pesto, and well…to have it all in one dish is even better! My mom and I made this together.